Kids in South Bend decorate Christmas cards for detained families

Young volunteers decorate Christmas cards to be sent to asylum seeking families that are being detained in the United States.

SOUTH BEND, Ind (WNDU) Some youngsters in South Bend got together to try and make the holiday brighter for families being detained United States.

It's said that the holiday season is about giving. These kids are learning that lesson right now as they decorate Christmas cards for families seeking asylum at the southern border.

“It makes me feel good. I like to help out other people and I just can't wait for Christmas,” said young volunteer Ahana Buck.

“I'm trying to write stuff in Spanish,” said young volunteer Abigail Franklin.

Neighbor to Neighbor in South Bend helped these kids learn about who is receiving their letters and why what they're doing is important.

“Even this evening that we've been going around and telling them why we're writing these cards, encouraging them to draw a picture or something for a kid that's their age who can't be in a normal setting for Christmas,” said Neighbor to Neighbor Director Andrea Cramer.

While these kids won't see who gets to open their card, they do understand that they're making an impact.

“It's important because we're giving these to people who don't have homes and moved out of countries that are in war,” said young volunteer Jude Swanson

Giving these youngsters something extra to think about while they're opening presents this year.
Cramer said these cards will be sent to one of three detention centers.

Two are in Texas and one is in Pennsylvania.