K-911 Lost & Feral Dog Rescue saves dog after year of tracking

Published: Jun. 21, 2020 at 11:09 PM EDT
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K-911 Lost and Feral Dog Rescue all started in 2014 with a two-year search for 'Tucker' in hopes of giving her a better life.

Last night, the two women behind it all rescued a dog they've been tracking for a whole year.

16 News Now tells us how their mission continues to grow.

K-911 Lost and Feral Dog Rescue Vice President, and President respectively, Lisa McConnell and Nancy Vida finally got Jamie the dog off the streets Saturday night after tracking her for more than a year.

They weren't a minute too soon after seeing her up close for the first time.

"All her blood levels were way off the charts, her kidney function is not good. He blood was really thick so she needed to be hydrated, she had a massive heat stroke," McConnell said.

"I'm sorry but there were maggots everywhere. I told Lisa we need to get her to a professional groomer now," Vida said.

Unlike searching for a lost house pet that will approach humans and try and find their way home, feral dogs like Jamie actively avoid humans, making McConnell and Vida's job more like finding a fugitive than man's best friend.

"A 'feral mode' dog is 'flight mode'.It's not just a lost dog. She's filled with terror because we become the predators. We set food stations down, dog pens set up," Vida said.

"We were able to catch her. I was able to throw a net on her, wrap her up in it, and we got her. Really it's just so surreal because that year was a blur in front of our face and not thinking yesterday was going to be the day," McConnell said.

Vida and McConnell still don't know if Jamie will make a full recovery, because of her poor condition.

But hoping she does, they've created a space where feral dogs can be safe.

"They each have their own little play yards, their own little bedroom, and they're feral dogs, so you can't rush them into a bathtub," McConnell said.

These will be some of Jamie's new neighbors.

"This is Grady. He allows us to show the other dogs that it's OK to be touched. Red is our watcher. Always watching to check on what's going on," McConnell says.

The goal is to show these dogs love so one day they might be emotionally ready enough to go to a forever home.

Jamie might have a long way to go, but K-911 is giving her a chance to get there.

You can help support K-911 and Jamie's veterinarian visits by contributing to their organization through