'It is about humanity,' says local man who responds to invasion in Syria

HARBERT, Mich. (WNDU) - A Berrien County man with ties to the Middle East shared his reaction to the latest invasion in Syria.

Ibrahim Parlak said he was raised in a small village in southern Turkey and considers himself Kurdish-American.

He came to the United States in 1991 and owns a successful restaurant, Café Gulistan, in Harbert, Michigan.

Parlak said the latest news about Turkey's military launching a military strike against the Kurds in northern Syria is worrisome.

"The Kurdish region is almost like the American melting pot in the Middle East. We cannot destroy that. ... Letting them get slathered by a dictator who has not been a United States friend at all. ... We are the future for the future of the world. … We cannot give this leadership to some dictators in the Middle East," Parlak said.

Parlak also said President Donald Trump's decision to pull United States troops away from the area was disappointing.

"It is about humanity. … Every congressman, every senator is screaming that the president is making a big mistake," Parlak said.

Parlak said he believes history is repeating itself.

"It's happened in history before, but we were all hoping. ... This is the 21st century. … We have smarter people in power, that they can see the future," Parlak said.

Parlak said something has to be done.

"Let's pass a resolution and reverse the decision," he said.