Irish punter Tyler Newsome overcomes the medical odds after serious crash

SOUTH BEND (WNDU) - Tyler Newsome is a unique person. Just look at his hair cut.

"Honestly, I'm just rocking my hair cut and doing what I can to make this team better," Newsome said.

Obviously, Newsome walks to the beat of his own drum.

"He has got endless amounts of energy," Irish special teams coach Brian Polian said. "I've never seen a guy that his motor runs the way his does."

He's wired differently because everything was almost taken from him.

"You don't know when your last day is," Newsome said. "Nothing is guaranteed in this world."

In May of 2012, Newsome was in a serious car accident.

He broke his pelvis and ribs, fractured his tailbone, ruptured his spleen and suffered a concussion.

Still - all he could think about was playing football.

The doctors weren't too optimistic.

"They were like, 'this guy, you are not going to play football again,'" Newsome said. "'You're going to be lucky if you can walk.' I don't think that they know I've got a fight in me. And I wasn't having that."

Newsome was in the hospital for 17 days.

But he made a full recovery - and was even back on the field for the start of his junior season.

Now at Notre Dame, he is second in school history in career punt average.

"I think about it and I say to myself be grateful because it could have gone differently," Newsome. "I guess it just makes me more grateful that I get to be at a place like Notre Dame."

His Irish teammates say they're grateful to have him. They even voted him as captain.

"You're not going to get a guy more charismatic than him," Irish kicker Justin Yoon. "He's funny. He's a captain. He's a leader for a reason. He got chosen for the spot. Everyone respects him for it. When you need someone to depend on, he's there for you."

Newsome says he's just happy to even be here.

"I just try and keep that never forget," Newsome said. "I am so lucky to be here. The Big man upstairs looked out for me big time and it's something I always think about it."