Indiana ranks among Top 10 friendliest states; Michigan in bottom half

Published: Aug. 20, 2019 at 11:15 AM EDT
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A travel website has ranked Indiana just outside the Top 5 friendliest states, while Michigan places in the bottom half.

Citing "Hoosier hospitality," Indiana places sixth on

. The Hoosier State comes in behind only Minnesota, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas and Wyoming.

"So much more than just a 'fly over' state, Indiana will hold a special place in your heart after just one visit," Big 7 says in defense of its ranking.

Michigan, meanwhile, is a firmly middle-of-the-pack state, coming in at No. 28 – just behind Maryland and just ahead of Iowa. Holding Michigan back on the list are a couple of its largest cities.

"Detroit and Ann Arbor in particular can be hard nuts to crack," Big 7 says.

The travel site says it created the list by asking its social media audience which states are the friendliest.

It may not be the most scientifically sound study, but Hoosiers have bragging rights over the other 44 states, including their neighbors to the north.

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