Indiana hate crime legislation to be focus of South Bend panel Thursday

Jodie Henderson

The LGBTQ Center and The Civil Rights Heritage Center are hosting an event Thursday evening to talk about hate crime legislation in Indiana.

The meeting is in part a response to the recent mass shooting at a gay bar in Orlando, but leaders were also motivated by the brutal murder of Jodie Henderson in January.

Henderson was a gay, black veteran. Many consider his murder a hate crime, but Indiana is one of the five states without hate crime legislation.

The “Justice for Jodie” committee will speak on a panel with Councilman Oliver Davis. Other panelists include Darryl Heller, Debra Stanley, Terri Russ, and Eli Williams. Members of the Henderson family will also share their stories.

The panel will be held Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. at The Civil Rights Heritage Center: 1040 W Washington Street, South Bend