Indiana court asked to rule on replacing attorney general

Curtis Hill
Curtis Hill(WNDU)
Published: May. 12, 2020 at 3:20 PM EDT
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Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill will temporarily lose his law license starting next week.

It remains to be seen if that will cost him his job.

Governor Eric Holcomb filed an emergency motion Tuesday with the Indiana Supreme Court.

The 10-page document asks if Hill’s 30-day suspension means a “vacancy” exists in the attorney general's office because Hill will no longer be duly licensed to practice law —as required by law.

The governor hinted at such action during his Monday press conference. “We find ourself in this unprecedented time that our state’s, Indiana’s top law enforcement official has been suspended for ethical wrongdoing now having been validated for the fourth time,” said Holcomb, (R) Indiana.

Hill accepted his 30-day suspension on Monday with “humility and respect” according to a written statement. He then appointed his chief deputy to fill in until the suspension expires June 17.

The Holcomb brief reads: “While an Attorney General can hire deputies to assist him, nowhere in the Indiana Code has the Attorney General been given authority to name a deputy to assume his statutory duties and powers.”

The brief contends that the governor has the authority to name a successor whenever there is a vacancy in a state office.

From the Associated Press:

Indiana’s governor is asking the state Supreme Court to tell him whether state Attorney General Curtis Hill will lose that office with his law license suspension for groping a state legislator and three other women.

Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb’s office asked the court on Tuesday for the ruling, a day after it released a decision suspending Hill’s law license for 30 days effective May 18.

State law requires the attorney general to be “duly licensed to practice law in Indiana,” but it doesn’t specify whether the person can continue serving with a temporary suspension.

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