Indiana Youth Services Assn. ramps efforts to recognize signs of human trafficking

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - After 180 cases in Indiana during 2016 and with January being “Human Trafficking Awareness Month,” the Indiana Youth Services Association is ramping up efforts to educate the public on the signs of human trafficking.

They put on a training session on Thursday in South Bend to remind you that trafficking can happen anywhere and to anyone.

“A victim can really be anybody,” said Ian Hurst of the Indiana Youth Services Association. “This crime touches all socioeconomic backgrounds, affluent areas, rural communities. Anywhere can be susceptible to human trafficking.”

Some of the signs of human trafficking include a person who has little or no idea where they are geographically, someone with physical injuries or signs of abuse and a person who appears to be closely followed by someone else.

If you expect someone is being trafficked, you're encouraged to call police right away.