Indiana Red Cross volunteers deployed ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Image Source: MGN

(WNDU) Red Cross volunteers from Indiana are deploying to multiple states ahead of Hurricane Dorian.

As part of the disaster response, five Indiana Red Cross volunteers are already in Florida or getting ready to leave.

As Hurricane Dorian's path remains unclear, residents in the Carolinas are also being encouraged to prepare for severe weather conditions.

Those who are in areas that may be impacted by the storm are asked to prepare by building a disaster kit, coming up with an emergency plan, and be aware of how local authorities will be notifying residents.

These steps are crucial as power, water, sewage, and phone services could be disrupted by the storm.

Those who are not in the storm's path can help by donating to the Red Cross. They're accepting disaster relief donations via text message—just text the word DORIAN to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

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