Indiana: Applying for unemployment, qualifying for $600/wk. payments

INDIANA (WNDU) --- The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) is putting to rest rumors of other states already rolling out portions of new legislation that aims to help the American people financially survive the coronavirus pandemic.

Governor DeSantis said his top priority is ensuring the state's unemployment website can keep up with the high volume of claims being filed by Floridians out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (MGN)

On Wednesday, the DWD held a Facebook Live event to clarify qualifications for unemployment and when qualifying Hoosiers can unlock certain portions of the recently signed CARES Act.

Joshua Richardson, chief of staff for DWD, explained the self-employed, contractors, and workers in the "gig" economy are entitled to Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) - a separate program from the one that shells out $600 weekly payments in federal aid to people in Indiana who meet the criteria for state unemployment insurance (UI).

Anderson said the government just gave his department instructions on how to administer the additional $600 weekly payments last Saturday. Those will be paid retroactively to the week starting with March 29th and payable for any week of unemployment through July 31st.

"We're targeting 4/20 as the week we believe we can add those $600 payments to your benefit amount," said Richardson. "As you're waiting and as these weeks are going through, know that those dollars are accumulating."

The DWD is experiencing a massive influx of calls, given many Hoosiers are unemployed or partially employed for the first time in their lives. Many questions, such as how to apply for unemployment, can be answered here. In fact, the sign-up process must be completed online by using a computer or cell phone.