Hoosier cements long legacy as he steps away from Trump cabinet

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- The Hoosier at the top of the country’s intelligence networks is stepping down. The state’s senators said Direcotr of National Intelligence Dan Coats’ resignation is a loss for the country and a fitting cap to an impressive legacy of public service.

Fmr. Sen. Dan Coats is set to step-down as director of national intelligence (Source: Gray DC).

“The world is safer because of Dan Coats, our country is stronger, and we in Indiana are really proud,” said Sen. Todd Young (R-IN).

“He made Hoosiers proud,” said Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN), “and whatever he chooses to do afterwards, he’ll be able to build upon a strong legacy.”

Coats served Indiana in both the U.S. House and Senate, the country as ambassador to Germany, before overseeing all of the federal government’s spies, analysts and investigators.

Young said given the secrecy involved with being director of national intelligence, the nation may never know just how much Coats did for it. “I think so much of his counsel… during this very dangerous and turbulent time occurred behind closed doors,” said Young, “so we’ll never fully appreciate what a steady hand he was.”

Former CIA Operative Lindsay Moran says Coats defined conservatism, but never let his personal politics color the work of his agencies. That, she said, earned him support from both sides of the aisle. Moran said it’s a critical characteristic for anyone in the position.

Coats told the President and country he didn’t feel the U.S. has done enough to fend-off Russian election meddling, and that the president undersold North Korea’s nuclear threat. “I think he did a pretty good job of speaking truth to power, which is what the person in that role has to do,” said Moran.

Coats’ is expected to step-away around mid-August. President Trump recently announced he’ll look to elevate a Republican representative from Texas to the position.

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