Helpful tips to get your child back in a school year routine

Published: Aug. 15, 2019 at 3:42 PM EDT
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School is in session, but it's not just a transition for students but parents as well.

Getting back in a routine and adjusting can be a major source of frustration for families this time of year.Thankfully, licensed psychologist Dr. John Petersen is sharing some helpful tips so your child can succeed.

"Something for the children that seems to help them get excited rather than anxious about starting school is if there is an opportunity to see the environment" Petersen said.

He says it’s important to take advantage of open houses and even driving the new route to school before the first day.

Another tip: sleep!

"Sleep is one of the most important things," Petersen said. "Resting well and getting enough sleep leaves us ready to focus, ready to concentrate. We can bring our best selves to the day, and that’s true for children."

Petersen said creating a nighttime routine is important, as is starting that routine several days before children start school.

"If all goes well, using that routine and sleeping well three days ahead of time," he said. "If you have three good nights of sleep, then you’ll be plenty rested for the school day. But there’s this caveat that if it all goes well. Part of that is us adults really getting our stuff together."

Another thing is the morning routine.

"The morning routine is as important as the bedtime routine," Petersen said. "If mornings don’t go well, it adds a lot of pressure on the nighttime routine."

It is also important for children to exercise and talk through their thoughts about the upcoming year.

Most importantly, have grace for yourself and your child as you adjust to a new schedule and a new school year.