Hazardous weekend travel as rain, snow, ice impact Michiana

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Hazardous Weekend Travel Timeline:

Beginning on Friday, we'll see rain showers on/off through the evening. Temps in the 50s.

After 11pm Friday: Heavy rain begins, leading to possible flooding overnight.

6am-2pm Saturday: Heavy rain continues, soaking the ground. 3-5" of rainfall.

As early as 10am Saturday, rain turns to an icy mix. From 10am-2pm a rain/ice mix will cause slick roads to start to develop. We're VERY windy Saturday, 15-25mph, gusting up to 40mph. Bridges and overpasses will ice-over first.

After 4pm Saturday, travel is not recommended. Temperatures drop below the freezing point and ice begins to accumulate on surfaces.

7pm-12am Saturday: VERY slick roads develop late Saturday into Sunday. Power outages possible.

After 12am Saturday: Snow falls after midnight. Sunday morning will be cold, windy, icy, snowy, and hazardous for travel.