Halloween enthusiasts celebrate the season by getting tattoos

Left: Tattoo by Rich Gallery<br />Middle: Stacy Zehringer's Halloween tattoo<br />Right:...
Left: Tattoo by Rich Gallery
Middle: Stacy Zehringer's Halloween tattoo
Right: Tattoo by Rich Gallery
Published: Oct. 24, 2019 at 6:37 PM EDT
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You may consider yourself a Halloween enthusiast, but would you ever get a Halloween tattoo?

People continue to spend more money on their holiday celebrations, and for some that includes a body modification.

Artist Phil Rich tells 16 News Now that Halloween isn't just a holiday anymore, but a style.

"With nearly 1 in 4 Americans having tattoos today, people now have the ability to profess their love for all things Halloween with a classic Tim Burton tattoo or a potion bottle. These trends are only growing and will continue with the wider acceptance of tattoos and individual styles while classically rendered," he explains.

As the owner of Rich Gallery in Syracuse, Phil says art and tattoos go hand in hand.

"Whether it’s a pumpkin or a daisy, if it’s beautifully done, the public recognizes that."

Other area tattoo shops report doing a number of Halloween tattoos as well. One Westfield resident tells us why she decided to get Halloween ink.

"Because Halloween has always been my favorite time of year. This makes me smile year round without waiting till October," says Stacy Zehringer.

Halloween body art remains a permanent way to mark the occasion.