Gun violence survivors honored in South Bend

It's Gun Violence Survivors Week and the organization, Moms Demand Action, held an event Saturday morning in honor of survivors.

Survivors and members of the community met at Olivet AME church in South Bend.

Local victims of gun violence were honored and remembered.

Survivors also shared their stories and received support from moms demand action.

Members of moms demand action hope that by hearing stories of gun violence... The community will be inspired to stand up against it.

"Even when I was 6 years old, I had family members lose their lives to gun violence and it just seems like it's been a never ending problem," Desmond Harris with Moms Demand Action said. "But we're just here to talk to each other and say that we can stop this."

Moms Demand Action has a meeting next month and will host their wear orange walk in early June.