Greta Van Susteren reacts to Mueller testimony

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(WNDU) – Following former special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress Wednesday, 16 News Now go the opinions of Gray Television political analyst Greta Van Susteren.

Van Susteren said she doesn't believe it was a particularly strong day for the Democrats, but she was troubled by both Democrats and Republicans.

"Was there anything that stood out about today's testimony from Mueller?" 16 News Now's Terry McFadden asked Van Susteren.

"Yes, he was very adamant about talking about the Russians interfering in our election, and he was warning us, warning us about 2020," Van Susteren replied. "And the Republicans and the Democrats didn't seem to be paying much attention – they were too busy fighting over the president. They weren't looking at 2020 and how do we protect our election in 2020 from the Russians. You know, we got caught with our pants down in 2016. Our intelligence agencies didn't protect us, and the Russians did terrible things in 2016, as you read in the first part of the Mueller report. But what are we doing to protect ourselves in 2020? And Mueller did point that out, but it's almost like it fell on deaf ears because they were too busy fighting about the president."

To see Terry's full interview with Van Susteren, watch the video above.