Greta Van Susteren reacts to Buttigieg's debate responses

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(WNDU) - A focal point on the Democratic debate stage Thursday night was South bend.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg talked about how the community is in anguish about the deadly officer-involved shooting.

Earlier this month, a South Bend police officer shot and killed 54-year-old Eric Logan after the officer said Logan approached him with a knife.

Buttigieg called the situation around the shooting a "mess," since the officer didn't have his body camera on, and last night, some candidates took a shot at how Buttigieg has handled the fallout and the lack of diversity on the police force. Buttigieg responded to that issue by saying he "couldn't get it done."

Friday morning, NewsCenter 16 spoke with Gray Television political analyst Greta Van Susteren, who thought Buttigieg should have answered differently.

"The first thing he said was something like he couldn't get it done, and I sort of winced, because that's not something you want to tell the voters, that you can't get something done," Van Susteren said. "Probably what he would have been better off saying is, 'Look this is an enormously complicated, emotionally charged problem. It's a problem in our community, meaning South Bend, but it's also a problem in many communities throughout the U.S. What we have here in South Bend is we have strong accountability – this is what we are doing – and he should go through the list of what he's doing."

When asked the same question about the lack of diversity on his city's police force on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," he said it remained a "top priority" for him.