'Great American Takeout' happening Tuesday at Wings Etc. locations

After state orders have forced restaurants nationwide to close their dining rooms to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, many establishments are still open, resorting to takeout-only service. And it's cutting profits big time for eateries everywhere.

"We care, and we love our staff. It's really hard to have some people not able to have hours right now," explained Nick Radecki, district manager for Wings Etc.

On Tuesday, Wings Etc. rolled out the Great American Takeout. Boneless and traditional wings along with soft drinks cost 69 cents. Online ordering is encouraged. Customers can pick up their orders without leaving their vehicles from a Wings parking lot through closing time on Tuesday night. Third-party delivery service is also available.

Wings doesn't want the Great American Takeout to be only about them as countless others restaurants modify operations during the pandemic.

"People in hospitality are a bit of a family. Of course, we want our company to survive, just like our neighbors and our friends," Radecki said. "Yeah, everyone's struggling that's in this business right now, and relying on just carryout is tough, so we're just asking people to help out if they can."

The 69-cent specials are for Tuesday, March 24 only. Wings Etc. is still offering lunch specials along with most of its standard menu.