Granger woman awake, speaking as she continues battling toxic shock syndrome

Published: Dec. 17, 2018 at 11:00 PM EST
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Anna Norquist continues to fight for her life as she battles

Her brother, Patrick, provided NewsCenter16 an update on Anna’s condition.

“We got our miracle that she's stayed alive,” Patrick Norquist said. “The doctors said she shouldn't have lived.”

The former gymnast was initially admitted to St. Joseph Health System Mishawaka Medical Center thinking she had the flu.

Once she was transferred to Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital, doctors determined she had streptococcus A and later developed toxic shock syndrome.

Anna's case is not related to tampon use.

So far, Anna has undergone nine surgeries with her family right by her side.

“The doctors say that basically every surgery she has is life-threatening,” Patrick Norquist said. “I’d give her both of my arms and both my legs if I could.”

Anna has already lost her right arm and her brother says she is scheduled to have her left leg amputated on Wednesday.

“For options for prosthesis below the knee there is so much more functionality if they could save the knee joint,” Patrick Norquist said. “But the doctors are unsure if they are going to be able to save the knee joint, so she might be losing her whole leg.”

After an emergency surgery over the weekend on Sunday, one step forward, Anna was extubated.

“She's awake, alert, having conversations, saying, 'I love you,’” Patrick Norquist said. "She knows who everybody is.”

Patrick Norquist says Anna is in a state of ICU delirium and is unaware of the severity of her illness. But having her awake at all is a miracle for the family.

“I’ve never experienced a miracle like that before,” Patrick Norquist said. "For 10 days, we weren't sure if she was going to live, and then for her to say, ‘I love you,’ was unlike anything I've ever experienced.”

As Anna and the Norquist family prepare for another surgery, they are continuing to pray.

“I've got to believe there's going to be some greater good that's going to come out of all of this,” Patrick Norquist said.

Doctors say Anna will be in the hospital for at least six more months, and it could be up to a year before she is finally able to return home after rehab and therapy.

If you would like to support the Norquist family through this difficult financial and emotional time, they have a

set up in Anna's name, or you can donate to the Norquist family at any First Source Bank.