Goshen school recognized by National Institute for Excellence in Teaching

Published: Mar. 26, 2018 at 9:03 PM EDT
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West Goshen Elementary was one of five finalists this year for the highest honor given by the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching.

They were announced as the winners of the TAP Founder's Award in Washington, DC last week.

They were recognized for their work in implementing and representing the principles of the “TAP” program.

The TAP system is a teaching model that focuses on teacher leadership, educator evaluation and support, and daily collaborative professional learning.

Students were able to hear their school declared the winner while in classes via Facebook live, and their principal says the kids were ecstatic.

“It's a great recognition and, you know, I tell the students here that, yes, awards and recognitions are wonderful because it highlights that hard work that is happening,” said Principal Lori Line, “But the real reward is when you get to go in everyday in the classrooms and see what our students can and are capable of doing.”

The $50 thousand check given to the school for winning will be used for improvements to the school that benefit students directly.