Goshen 'Green Houses' welcome first residents

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Thursday is move-in day for Goshen's first 'Green House' living center.

What's a Green House? It's not a place where you grow plants. It's an alternative living situation to a nursing home.

The fully furnished house will give 12 people the ability to live out their lives as they normally would in a home, instead of a nursing home.

Each resident will have their own room and be able to do things according to their own schedule.

Bedrooms do have extra insulation to block noise coming from the common room, but residents are expected to be courteous to others.

In order to meet protocol for a living facility, a staff member will be at the house to take care of any medical needs. The staff will also assist in any conflicts between those in the house.

But for the most part, it's meant to feel just like home.

"People should come out and live here to live their life, genuinely meaningful life," Blue Diamond Communities President Tonya Detweiler said. "We have three core values: real home, this is in the midst of a residential neighborhood, meaningful life, come out here and have your life to live, the chapters you have left in your life, we will help you figure out how to live them well, and empowered staff, our staff are here to work with you to maximize your choice and your dignity and help these last chapters of your life be as meaningful as possible."

Blue Diamond Communities already started construction on three houses, and construction on a fourth 'green house' will begin in the spring.