Goshen College students celebrate Dandelion Pollination Day

Published: Apr. 18, 2017 at 4:34 PM EDT
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As spring arrives in Michiana, you've most likely seen some dandelions appearing on your lawn.

But they appeared on the menu today for a group of Goshen College students.

They ate them for lunch to recognize Dandelion Pollination Day. The day celebrates the important role bees and pollinators play in our agricultural system.

"We've done a super pollinator salad, which is all ingredients are based off what is pollinated by either bats, bees or hummingbirds," said Jeremy Corson, Fresh Dining Hall chef. "We've also done a stir fry, which has dandelion greens in it. And then we've done cookies which are made with honey from my hives and dandelions from campus."

Students picked the flowers yesterday, and today, the dining hall chef cooked up a few recipes.

Goshen College is applying to be an official bee campus, where they foster pollination on campus and provide educational programs on the subject.