Gas stations working to keep pumps and stores sanitized for customers

Published: Mar. 22, 2020 at 10:31 PM EDT
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More people are staying inside and off the roads during the coronavirus pandemic.

There are still some errands that can't be avoided.

16 News Now learned how you can keep the germs away while getting gas.

The staff at this gas station in Granger is taking new measures to make sure they're keeping their business clean.

"We started doing the pumps outside. I'll wipe the keypad. I'll wipe the buttons that you press for the different grades of fuel. I'll wipe the pumps themselves--the handles for window washing and things of that sort," said gas station clerk Victor Pellico.

Pellico also makes sure to sanitize parts of the store that customers touch the most like the front door, payment pads, parts of their kitchen, as well as refrigerator doors.

Even though the staff at this gas station wiped down the handles thoroughly, it's always smart to go the extra mile and grab a barrier between you and the handle as an extra precaution.

"At the gas pump, get the paper towel from the dispenser, grab the handle with the paper towel and then throw the paper towel away. So I think there's a happy medium where the businesses can be doing more to promote good hygiene and cleanliness of services and the consumers can be contributing as well," said St. Joseph County Health Dept. Deputy Officer Dr. Mark Fox.

Pellico says he'll wipe down the convenience store multiple times a shift, but even with the extra effort, some self-serve items will be unavailable for now.

"Hot foods--we used to have roller grill foods with, like hot dogs. We don't serve those now just because people have to reach in it. We still have packaged foods that people can reach and get," Pellico said.

Keeping their doors open, and clean for customers.

Dr. Fox says to make sure you're still sanitizing or washing your hands with soap and water before touching your face, even if you use a barrier between your bare hand and a surface.

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