Gas prices expected to decrease in Michigan

It could be better.

"It's quite a bit higher from yesterday to today," bemoaned Timothy Pierson, a proud Chevy C10 owner.

It could be worse.

"It's been a year-and-a-half now since it's been under three bucks," Pierson conceded about Michigan gas prices, while filling up his prized 1969 truck at the Niles Tanker Town gas station.

Likewise, fuel experts are noting the year-to-year difference. Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst at, said Michigan gas prices increased by 20 cents in one week, from $2.34 per gallon to $2.54 per gallon. However, costs are an average 18 cents lower compared to the same week last year.

"Michigan prices have a tendency of spiking up and then declining for several days then repeating that cycle," said DeHaan.

Called "price cycling," the current trend is unrelated to a state energy emergency Gov. Rick Snyder declared on Tuesday. He issued an executive order after a Wisconsin pipeline shut down, followed by an unplanned refinery outage in Detroit. It extends travel time for tankers transporting fuel during the holiday weekend.

"From what I can see, and I can see quite a few things is that there are no suppliers in the State of Michigan that have yet run out of gasoline," added DeHaan.

By telephone, he told NewsCenter 16 Michigan gas prices should slide starting Thursday or Friday, ahead of the Memorial Day weekend. In fact, DeHaan said Memorial Day prices are on pace to become the cheapest in eleven years.

"Gas prices don’t really follow the schedule of holidays, but they move in value every day. Some days it's up. Some days it's down," he said. expects summer fuel prices to be the lowest in a decade. Despite the forecast, experts, like DeHaan, recommend shopping around.

"You do it for a big screen TV why not do it for gas?" he posed.