Gas prices increase due to Tropical Storm Barry

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Even though Tropical Storm Barry won't make it to Indiana, it's going to affect the price consumers will have to pay at the gas pump.

Right now, GasBuddy says people will pay around $2.93 per gallon for regular gas in Indiana. That’s up nearly 15 cents more than the current national average of $2.78.

In South Bend, gas is up 5 cents since Thursday night and more than a dime since last week, and it won’t stop there. Prices are expected to go north of $3 – the first time that has happened since October of 2018.

GasBuddy analyst Allison Mac says Tropical Storm Barry is not the only thing to blame for the increased prices at the pump.

“There’s a number of factors going on this year that’s making prices a little bit unpredictable. One: political tensions with Iran. That’s the really main cause why we saw prices spike up the past two weeks. On top of that, now with Barry, things are a little bit uncertain,” Mac said.

Despite the increase, Mac says the increase is not as bad as people think, especially for Indiana drivers.

"Last year, prices were $3.03 in South Bend, Indiana, and this year, it's more than 10 cents per gallon cheaper. It might feel like prices are more expensive, mainly because we just had cheaper prices compared to last month, but compared to last year, we're down,” Mac said.

Mac says when the storm passes, she does expect gas prices start to stabilize and go down as early as next week.