'Gadget Guru' shows great technology for fall season

Fall is finally here with its cooler temps and glorious colors.

If you enjoy immersing yourself in the great outdoors this time of year, you can enhance that experience with some cutting-edge technology!

But just because you're in nature doesn't mean you can't use some of those high tech tools to get the most out of that fall experience. Verizon's Gadget Guru, Steve Van Dinter, joins us once again with some great tech for enjoying the fall weather. Watch the attached video to see the devices in action.

Gear 360
"As we zoom in on the screen of the phone, we're actually broadcasting live from that little device to the phone. That's your viewfinder with a 360 degree view that both the front and the rear camera are capturing pictures simultaneously. What is it great for? Vista shots, great for capturing video as you're going out and capturing those fall colors and the reaction of yourself as you're seeing it."

"Protection the name of the game when we go out into the wilderness so nothing protects better than the otter box. This one actually has a bit of camouflage so it's going to blend in in the forest, but OtterBox just makes a great protection for your phone. You can drop it from all sorts of heights and not worry about it getting broken."

Arlo Go
"Let's say you get out somewhere and you want to keep track of wilderness and you see a lot of deer or something like that. Maybe you're a hunter, Arlo Go is an amazing outdoor wireless camera. I say wireless because it actually has a 4G LT chip built into it so with its battery you can mount it in a tree or forest,, and when it senses movement, it's going to send you a live video feed from that camera no matter where you are in the world. So a really great way to keep track of what's going on out in the wilderness where Wi-Fi is more than your house away."

Sport Wireless
"Some folks when they're out by themselves and they're hiking they like to have a little bit of music. Some of its soothing, some of its pump me up if you're out for a run. This is new from Under Armour called the Sport Wireless. They have JBL speakers built into them. They are sweat proof, they're blue tooth, so they're wireless to your phone. Another nice thing they have eight hour battery life so definitely going to last a full day if you're going out for a long trail hike.

Indiana DNR App and RunKeeper App
"And then the Indiana DNR has this cool app. This is all about visiting and exploring Indiana. There are all sorts of different hikes that you can take and they're mapped out here. I love that app because you can get out and explore. And if you're looking to keep track of your hike, run keeper actually has a setting, people usually use it for runs, but you can click over here to activities and choose hiking and you can keep distance of your hikes so you can brag to folks 'Yeah, I did a five or ten mile hike', whatever it was, when you get back to work on Monday."

Most of these items can be found at your local retailer, or you can go to verizonwireless.com.