From rain today to thunderstorms Thursday; Tracking this Spring-like weather pattern


A strong breeze on Thursday will range from 20-30mph sustained with gusts possible up to 50mph.

Showers arriving early with rain heavy at times. Showers taper off just before the noon hour, leaving us with a warm, but mainly dry afternoon. Highs in the upper 50s. We may see a few moments of sunshine after 2pm. Strong winds set up from the south today, moving at 10-15mph. Powerful wind gusts likely Thursday. Returning shower chances will be on the radar after 11pm. Mike Hoffman will be tracking that chance.


Strong winds continue from the south overnight. We’re cloudy and damp; scattered showers on the radar overnight. Quite mild! Lows in the middle 50s.


Highs top out in the upper 60s! We’re still under a MARGINAL risk for severe weather. If we see significant morning sun, we’ll be in a situation where strong storms could fire up from 1-4pm. The main concerns include small hail and strong, possibly damaging wind gusts. Heavy rain will fall in isolated pockets of activity. The threat ends by dinnertime.