Free pianos up for grabs at Merrimans' Complete Piano Service

Published: Apr. 30, 2020 at 3:59 PM EDT
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A South Bend piano business has hundreds of pianos that they need gone. That means you at home could pick one up for free.

"Anybody can have a piano, may not be their dream piano, I always say, but it's a piano you can realize your dream with," Stephen Merriman says. He owns Merrimans' Complete Piano Service.

Right now at a warehouse for Merrimans' Complete Piano Service they have more than few pianos around to realize your dream.

"About 300 pianos," Merriman says.

They all have to go.

"I can't carry the burden anymore of the storage of these pianos for rescue. So what I'm doing is putting out a plea, to all the people that don't want these to end up in landfills."

Merriman says he rescues old pianos to refurbish and give out. He's not in the business of buying and selling these old pianos, but just wants to see them live on. You can grab one right now for a great deal.

"Pianos are free if you move them."

Or you can pay them to move it for you. They also suggest paying for a tune-up as these pianos may need some work.

Their warehouse space is being repurposed as a creative space, and they want to see all of these classic rescued pianos find a good home. It's all about bringing the gift of music to a new home.

"The piano is the mom of western music. Every house should have a piano in it." Merriman says. "To me, its so tragic if any of these end up in a landfill."

It's more than just about clearing space, but keeping a love of music alive in our culture.

"You can dive into the piano and you can have an experience that is like none other, and that's what I would say to anyone who's on the fence about having a piano. I believe it's essential to our mental health that we have them to experience and express ourselves through."

They have until the end of the year to clear out the warehouse.

"The sand is run through the hourglass, our time is coming up."

They say that right now is the perfect time to pick up music.

"Our whole world needs pianos, we need music. Look at this time, look how people are going to art and music to help transition, to help make sense of all this."

You'll need to make an appointment with Merrimans' Complete Piano Service in order to pick up a piano. You can call them at 574-329-3430 to make that appointment.