Flooding causes several issues for residents in St. Joseph County

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY (WNDU) --- Flooding caused several issues for residents in St. Joseph County Saturday.

Rain rapidly turned parking lots into pools of water in Mishawaka.

“This is crazy. I lived here for three years and never seen anything like this,” resident Sam Staszewski says.

And the rain turned ditches like ones in Bremen into a roaring downpour.

“There was like a river running through here and the gravel in the driveway was halfway across my yard,” resident Brian Wagoner says.

Staszewski, who stays at the Indian Lakes Apartments, is doing whatever he can to make sure his car does not get stuck in the door-high swamping water.

“It’s definitely pretty inconvenient. They said that we can get out but, it could be worse for us. I mean, we could be over on that side. This is just wild. I never seen anything like this in my three years,” Staszewski says.

Wagoner, on the other hand, is familiar with flooding near is home in the past whose home is on the verge of flooding thanks to the overflow of water running from nearby.

“In 34 years, I have probably been flooded five or ten times,” Wagoner says. “That water – a lot of that is coming from that farmer’s field.”

What Brian is talking about is a trail of raging water stemming from a farmer’s creek doors away from his home.

“This is like about six houses south of here. This water is all draining from the farmer’s field. It’s going to go into that creek and then it will show the ditches in front of our house,” Wagoner said, while pointing to a video on his phone of the creek.

When Wagoner headed over to the creek to see how things were holding up, the water was running in the right direction; away from his home.

“There’s where it goes across to the creek,” Wagoner pointed.

But Wagoner’s biggest worry is not about how the water is being drained, it is about where the water will be if this farmer’s creek begins to back up.

“By tomorrow, this will be up to our house if it continues at this rate,” Wagoner said.