First roof complete in Mishawaka Carter Work Project

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A local organization is building homes for those in need in St. Joe County and they’re doing it with the help of some handy volunteers.

St. Joseph County’s Habitat for Humanity is raising the roof, on a new home that is, with the help of a crane capable of lifting 150-tons.

This will be one of 21 homes that, by this time next year, will be inhabited by new homeowners from around St. Joseph County.

“This is our first one,” said Jim Williams, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of St. Joseph County.

It’s an ongoing project by Habitat for Humanity’s 2018 Carter Work Project, which will assemble the nearly two dozen affordable homes for first time homeowners.

There will be a week-long blitz August of next year to complete the homes. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter will join hundreds of volunteers from around the nation in completing the properties.

“August 27th through 31st, all day, we’re going to have volunteers all over this site building on those 21 houses,” said Williams.

The site of the new development will be known as The field at Highlands complex, near East Jefferson Boulevard and Byrkit Avenue which will feature residents of different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, including Ambera Pruitt.

“It’s just something that we’ve all dreamed of being homeowners,” said Pruitt, the mother of two girls.

She added: “It’s not a free house people tend to think oh I’ll just go and get a free house you don’t get a free house, you have to work hard for it.”

Ambera says it’s something special about raising a family in a home she helped raise, literally, from its very foundation.

“It’s just a great opportunity, we all had, we’re all very blessed to be a part of this.”