Firefighters remind families of decoration dangers this holiday season

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(WNDU) - We are now two weeks away from Christmas Day, and many of you probably just finished or plan on finishing last-minute Christmas shopping.

But with the holiday season in full swing, there are hidden dangers in our annual decorations.

"Candles is our second top issue at holiday time, simply because people just forget to blow them out when they leave the room or go to bed," Clay FIre Marshal Dave Cherrone said during a demonstration. "First of all, to make sure they have working smoking detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, so if something does go wrong, you're going to be warned about it."

From holiday lights to Christmas trees and everything else in between, fire officials say there are things you need to know to prevent holiday a mishap or, worse, a tragedy.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says there are nearly 15,000 holiday decorating-related injuries.

"Read the containers, read the packaging to see if it says it's fire resistant or flammable," Cherrone said. "In either case, they're going to burn, except flame retardant means that when you take the flame away, the fire's going to go out."

He also mentioned the importance of using energy friendly, eco-friendly and smarter equipment for decorations.

"Outside, make sure you utilize outside extension cords," he said. "Use timers in place of extension cords so that, again, when you leave or go to bed, the lights are out."

"If you follow those simple tips, then all you'll have over is your friends and family at holiday time, instead of having us over," Cherrone said.