Father says school's use of tablets feeds addiction to electronics

BARNESVILLE, Minn. (NBC) - A Minnesota father says his son's school is feeding an addiction to electronics, so he's switching schools.

Dane Steuber, of Barnesville, said his son is addicted to electronics and he wants him to do his homework on paper.

His son is a seventh-grader in the Barnesville School District, which is paperless. The school requires students to do all their homework on tablets.

On Monday, Steuber's son will be attending a different school just a few miles south of Barnesville.

Steuber also had a problem with one teacher's method.

"Any reference he needed, he was supposed to watch a Youtube video that he explained to me she has showing in class that day," Steuber said. "It seems to me that there are a lot less interaction from the teachers. In all actuality, they are just putting footage in front of these children."

Steuber is taking his concerns to the Minnesota Department of Education.

He added that he was asked to pay for the tablet.