Farmers in Marshall Co. concerned about late planting season

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ind. (AgDay) - It's a busy time of year for farmers, as planting is now underway. But for many in our area, it hasn't been easy getting out in the fields.

Right now, the U.S. Department of Agriculture says Indiana farmers have planted only about 1 percent of their corn crop. Usually, it's about 5 percent. And at this point, farmers in the state have been unable to plant any soybeans.

AgDay's Betsy Jibben checked out the situation in Marshall County.

"So far, it feels like a normal year, but they all do at first," Zach Schrock said with a laugh.

The Schrock family is getting ready for a new season while finishing up the old.

"We are about 50 percent done with our fall tillage," Dave Schrock said. "That's not going to go but a couple of days."

Those couple of days mean the family looks to plant mid-April, on pace for them. The tweak is a small change in what they're going to plant.

"We will be 90 percent corn, that's our intention right now," Dave Schrock said. "We typically grow about 65 to 70 percent corn."

The USDA is also calling for more corn acres this year.

Dave Schrock says his reason is due to a historically strong corn basis and their location.

"We are right here in central Indiana, in a corn deficit region," he said. "Corn gets brought into here from areas west and north of us. So, there's a couple of ethanol plants in the area."

He says trade uncertainty is a part of it too.

"I think there's a possibility the Chinese deal, and soybeans could still become more attractive, but it's just really hard," he said. "… Corn just pencils out better right now. It's just a better crop to grow."

Until it's time to plant the rest of the crop, the family will continue to organize, fix and repair what's needed in hopes of a successful start to the season.

"We have planters torn apart still, so we are trying to get them back together," Zach Schrock said.

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