Family reaches mostly nonverbal child with autism with hit song 'Old Town Road'

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(CNN) - A family in Minnesota is making national headlines for what they call a miracle.

A week ago, 4-year-old Daniel, who has autism, was mostly nonverbal. But now, he's starting to speak, thanks, in part, to the country hip-hop mega hit "Old Town Road."

His mom tweeted a video of Daniel singing the song, and it went viral.

She said they're now using "Old Town Road" in Daniel's therapy sessions.

"We wake up listening to 'Old Town Road,' we go to bed listening to 'Old Town Road,'" said Sheletta Brundidge, Daniel's mother. "… It took us six months to teach him the letter A, and without being taught, are you telling me he is humming this song?

"Then I thought, 'Oh, my god. It's music. That's how we reach him.'"

The tweet even caught the attention of the song's artists. Snoop Dogg even retweeted it.