Family of murdered Fort Wayne man speaks out

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The daughter of a murdered Fort Wayne man says she doesn't want her father's death to be forgotten.

Tuesday morning, Frank Macomber, 65, was found dead in the woods of Allen County, just around the corner from where two children were abducted from their grandparent's home.

The coroner ruled his death a homicide, but no suspects were ever explicitly named. Macomber's daughter tells NewsCenter 16 she knows who is responsible, and she's waiting for charges to be filed.

"As soon as I found out he was missing and she was missing with him, I already knew he was gone," said Michelle Troye, Frank Macomber's daughter.

Michelle Troye last spoke with her dad at around 2:00 p.m. Sunday to schedule a Sunday night dinner, but he never showed up and calls to his phone went straight to voicemail. Troye said her father was expecting his former neighbor, Amber Pasztor, to stop by to collect a few items she stowed with him after her eviction.

The next day, an Amber Alert went out across the state announcing two children, Lilliana Hernandez, 7, and Rene Pastor, 6, had been abducted and police believed their biological mother, Amber Pasztor, may have been responsible. Frank Macomber was also included in that Amber Alert as someone who may have information regarding the investigation.

Court documents revealed Pasztor travelled from Allen to Elkhart County in Macomber's tan sedan, and flagged down police after she allegedly smothered her children to death. It took several hours until Macomber's body was located.

Troye said from the beginning she knew in the pit of her stomach that something terrible had happened to her father.

"Because I've met her," Troye explained, "I saw the crazy on her when I first met her and I knew she was capable of something like this." When police notified her that her father was dead, Troye said it was confirmation of something she suspected when he first went missing.

Troye now shares smiling photographs capturing precious moments between her daughter and Macomber. A father of four, and even prouder grandpa, Troye said her dad never knew a stranger and had no enemies.

"My dad was the greatest guy ever," Troye added.

The Allen County Prosecutor said Thursday that their investigation into Macomber's death is ongoing and have not named any suspects or filed any charges.

Meanwhile, Macomber's grieving family is planning a funeral and memorial service for him and his closest friends and supporters.

"I want her to know she took away a beautiful person," Troye said when asked what, if anything, she would say to Pasztor, "I want her to know that I am going to be there every step of the way and I'm going to make sure that she never sees the light of day again."

Pasztor is being held in the Elkhart County jail without bond. A judge established probable cause to hold her until formal charges could be filed in the deaths of her two children.