Family of missing Benton Harbor woman still searching for answers

BENTON CHARTER TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WNDU) - Members of the Benton Harbor community continue to search for a woman who has been missing since early December.

Jessica Gray

Jessica Gray was last seen at the residence of Willie Lark. Jr., where blood was found on the door.

Lark has since been arrested on unrelated out-of-state charges, but Gray’s family continues to search for answers.

On Tuesday, friends and family came together at the Benton Charter Township Police Department to make sure her disappearance is not forgotten.

Her family says their top priority is getting Jessica home safe, wherever she might be.

“I don't want anybody to forget about her. There are a lot of people that love her -- friends, family members -- and we want to keep her hope alive to keep things going. To let her know that she'll never be forgotten, never,” said Jessica Gray’s mother, Carolina Gray.

Gray's two younger brothers say they're tired of waiting for answers.

“We're her only brothers, and if you know one of us and you don't want to tell the police, come tell us and you can be anonymous. We won't put you out there like that if you know one of us. That's my only sister. I miss her, we miss her, and her kids miss her,” said her brother Dwayne Pryor.

When asked if Willie Lark Jr.’s arrest changes anything, brother Darius Gray stayed focused on getting answers.

“No, because he hasn't been charged with anything allegedly, but what's supposed to happen. Him being locked up doesn't really mean anything because there's no charges on the alleged incident,” Darius Gray said.

If you know anything about Gray's disappearance, please call the Benton Charter Township Police Department to help in the search.