Family and friends remember 19-year-old killed in farming accident

MARCELLUS, Micn. (WNDU) - “Rocky was a very good kid,” his mother Tracy Reeves said. “He didn't have the easiest life, but Rocky made the best of everything.”

Tracy Reeves is heartbroken going through pictures of her son, 19-year-old Rocky Stoner.

“Rocky was a very godly young man that loved life to the fullest,” Reeves said.

Stoner died Thursday after he was electrocuted while working at Sparks Cedarlee Farms.

Officers say Stoner was moving a metal roof truss with another worker when the truss touched a power line.

“You know, I know it was a complete accident,” Reeves said. I know that it was just an accident.”

Saturday afternoon friends and family gathered at his family home in Marcellus to have an open mud run for Rocky, something he loved to do.

“He always had a smile on his face no matter where he was,” friend Jenna Overley said. “He always gave people handshakes when he met someone or give them a hug whether he knows them or not.”

One of his friends since they were babies is struggling to find the words.

“We miss him a lot you know,” friend Mark Butz said. “It's hard to talk and come up with a loss of words.”

Rocky had been working at the farm for two years, but the most important thing in his life was his faith.

“It makes it easier knowing that my child's in heaven,” Reeves said.

Rocky brought his faith into all aspects of his life from his football team to his youth group.

“Everybody in the community that helped mold my child, I can’t thank you enough,” Reeves said. “You made a beautiful young man.”

Tracy knows she will see her son again.

“I couldn't ask for a better son,” Reeves said.

Reeves says even though she is mourning the loss of her own son, she says her heart goes out to the other workers involved in the accident because they were her son's friends too.