Fall plans for upcoming school year remain uncertain

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - As the school year comes to a close, it is still uncertain when schools in Michiana will reopen this fall.

Most schools districts, like the South Bend School Corporation, are holding off on making any final decisions until they hear from Governor Holcomb on July 1st -- the day he makes his announcement on how schools will reopen come this fall.​

"We are currently following the governor's plan," SBCSC Superintendent Dr. Todd Cummings says.

School is almost out this year, which means students will be free of responsibility, but for school staff, it'll be a whole lot different.​

The next few months will be used to figure out what next year will look like and with Governor Holcomb's announcement on how schools will reopen not until July 1st, schools are doing whatever they can right now to plan ahead.​

"We are working on a couple of different scenarios just in case," SBCSC Superintendent Dr. Todd Cummings says.

One of those scenarios include outlining a virtual pilot this fall for those who want to join a virtual school.​

As for School City of Mishawaka, they announced last week they aren't finalizing any plans until after the governor makes his announcement in early July.​

Elkhart Community Schools in agreement with that saying in part, "...we will begin looking at our potential plans in early June with input from members of the school community. Again, we are not in a position to declare anything too definitive as we are awaiting guidance from the governor and state officials."

Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation are seeing eye-to-eyewith those school districts as well saying in part, "We are discussing and reviewing several different scenarios. Our plan is to share some tentavie discussion with parents in the near future."

Cummings says if there is anything to take away from what school will look like this fall, it is that nothing is certain.

"Right now, we are awaiting the governor's announcement just like everybody else is doing. We don't want to get ahead of the governor's announcement and the entire time we have worked with the local health department and the governor's office. So we are staying in-step with them. As soon as we know, we will announce what fall will look like," Cummings says.

Although the upcoming school year is still in question, there is some good news for SBCSC seniors graduating this year. Cummings says he will be announcing a graduation date some time this week. However, he did not reveal when and where that would be.