Fact Check: Two viral posts question protest tactics

Published: Jun. 2, 2020 at 2:54 PM EDT
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Tonight, we're answering your questions after several social media posts have gone viral about local protests and the tactics being used.

Many viewers reached out expressing outrage over two social media posts.

The first-- a tweet claiming bricks were being delivered at protest sites, potentially from antifa.

The other, a photo of school buses outside of a Warsaw hotel, potentially dropping off protestors to riot.

After speaking to city officials and law enforcement, we have answers to your questions.

First, let's break down the claim bricks were being delivered to protest sites in south bend.

The tweet making waves is saying 'pallets of bricks are a trademark tactic of antifa', which is a political protest characterized by their militant opposition to fascism.

However, South Bend Police responded this morning, saying quote, "Upon further investigation, this pallet is not connected to any group. It has been there for about a year, and the city knows about it."

Now to another photo circulating online of a photo showing buses parked outside a Warsaw hotel.

The post claims the buses do not have license plates and fears it may be bringing protesters from outside of michiana.

However, Warsaw Police say this is part of a legit business deal in the southern part of the county.

They say it's a business that sells new and used busses and the company has already left the Warsaw area.

Warsaw Police Information Officer, Sergeant Bradley Kellar, says he understands why so many people are on edge during this civil unrest but that the Warsaw Police Department is committed to keeping people safe.

We will continue to dig deeper and find answers to your questions surrounding the protest happening around Michiana.

This is home and we're committed to keeping you informed and safe.

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