FFA students thank anonymous man for paying their $100 restaurant bill

Published: Nov. 17, 2017 at 6:28 PM EST
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Several Bremen Middle School students are looking for the man who paid nearly $100 for their meal.

This rare act of kindness took place earlier this week at Steak N’ Shake in Warsaw.

In this NewsCenter 16 original, Joshua Short spoke with the students and Josh they had a message for this unknown donor.

“We went to the cashier and we went to pay our bill and then the cashier said that some man paid for all of us,” said Evan Cook, one of the 11 students who went to the Steak N’ Shake following a competition.

The students are members of their school’s Discovery FFA, an organization teaching students the importance of agriculture and all-things community.

Wednesday night, the community taught them a lesson.

“Someone had walked in after we had sat down and paid for our bill,” said Jaiden Monhaut, a Bremen Discovery FFA Member.

A bill worth around $90, according to the students’ advisor, Shannon Verhaeghe.

“It was so out of the blue and so unexpected and such a generous amount and in today’s society and the economy, no one really has just $100 dollars to give away to random people,” said Verhaeghe, teacher of four years at Bremen.

She says this experience only applies what she has been teaching her FFA students, act of kindness, community and paying it forward.

Going forward, the students hope to find out who this man is.

“Thank you for giving and it made all of us want to give more in the world and in our communities,” said Cook, sharing identical sentiments with his counterparts.