FACT CHECK: When to expect stimulus money and could there be more?

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Many of you have questions regarding the federal stimulus package and tonight we're digging deeper.

You might want to check your bank account when you get home, because you could be receiving your stimulus money as early as today.

According to the Washington Post, the first round of payouts will be given to those who have already given their bank account info to the IRS and those on social security who filed a federal tax return with direct deposit information.

The next round will go out in roughly ten days while checks that need to be mailed out could take up until the summer to arrive.

Now there is talk of more possible payouts, Senate Democrats have already proposed additional support to front line workers that would include up to a $25,000 dollar raise.

"That's equivalent to a raise of $13 an hour," Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said. "This is not just for medical personnel and health care personnel on the front lines. We have janitors who disinfect our medical facilities. Truck drivers who deliver supplies where they need to go. Grocery store clerks who keep food on the shelves of American pantries They will all be entitled to this premium pay."

"There's some other requests that aren't unreasonable requests that some of my colleagues are making that would provide additional resources for things like hospitals and our front line health care providers," Sen, Todd Young said. "Since we just passed a $2 trillion dollar package and the money for health care has really not gone out the door yet. Let's see how much additional money is needed along the way and then we can plus that up if necessary to keep people safe and secure."

The Senate Democrats "Heroes Fund" is just in the proposal stages still.

Now back to that stimulus money approved and already headed your way.

It's worth reminding you again the FBI and state attorneys general are warning us of scammers looking to get your personal information in exchange for a stimulus check.

Don't give out that information, no one legitimate will ask you for it.