FACT CHECK: Indiana State Police are not making random traffic stops

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - We're digging deeper and answering some of your questions after Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb issued a stay-at-home order for all Hoosiers while still allowing essential travel.

To make it short and sweet, no, you will not be pulled over just for being out and about.

You can still go to the grocery store, pharmacy and check in on family members.

Indiana State Police are not stopping residents just for being on the roads.

The State Police Superintendent has instructed officers to remind people of the stay-at-home order and to return home if not for essential travel.

Officers will still be making traffic stops for speeding and other traffic violatons.

Just know that it is okay to be out for essential travel.

"We aren't doing just random traffic stops to see what people's purpose for being out driving is," Sgt. Ted Bohner said. "That rumor has been spreading pretty much like wildfire that people are expecting these big drag nets or check points and that type of thing. I can tell you if anyone tells you we are doing those things that is absolutely false."

Sgt. Bohner also says if you see more officers out and about that the Indiana State Police are also practicing social distancing and trying to keep their troopers safe and healthy.