FACT CHECK: How long should coronavirus test results take?

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Many of you have concerns about the speed of coronavirus test results and tonight we're digging deeper.

St. Joseph County Deputy Health Officer Dr. Mark Fox says that on average test results are coming back in six days.

Now that's the average. Some tests results are coming back as quick as two days while others have been as long as 13 days.

Dr. Fox believes in the past week, the county has seen the worst when it comes to slow testing and expects it to get better.

LabCorp is doing 90% of the tests in the county and they are also still working on a backlog of 150,000 tests from around the country.

Dr. Fox says that test results have started to speed up with Quest Diagnostics and the state test results having a quick turnaround.

So what should patients do while they are waiting for their test results?

"Anyone who has been tested ought to presume that they're positive," Dr. Fox said. "Act and do everything as if they were positive. The big thing is that we're monitoring for kind of the progression of symptoms and clinical deterioration. If they have more trouble breathing, more shortness of breath, those are things that can change fairly suddenly so they ought to be in touch with their health care provider if they notice any change like that."

As Dr. Fox said, it's important to contact your health care provider if your symptoms get worse.

Dr. Fox also says that there is no delay from when they get the results to patients being notified.

He hopes the county will have access to the rapid turnaround tests within the month.