Event brings community together, celebrates life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

NOTRE DAME, Ind. (WNDU) - The community gathered at Saint Mary's College for the “A Little Taste of Peace” event Saturday, celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and his call for a more united world.

The event brought people together from various backgrounds.

"Annual tradition of Dr. King's birthday weekend. It's here to build on that legacy of how do we have difficult conversations and address issues together, and figure out how we can come together to make the progress that we all want to see,” said Mayor of South Bend, James Mueller.

"This was one of Martin Luther King's drives and concerns: to eliminate the differences of diverse groups,” said participant Abe Washington.

People talked freely about issues around race, and how race has impacted them.

"Well, they are concerned about the divide in our country. We've got to find ways to try and bring people together,” said organizer of the event, Glenda Rae Hernandez.

"We seem to be pulling farther apart from each other, and so making sure we are able to have honest and important dialogues,” Mueller said.

"Good conversation often dispels misconceptions,” Washington said.

Each group had a facilitator and there were questions to help guide the discussion.

Hernandez said when she was in college, Dr. King spoke to her class, and he challenged them with a specific task.

"At the end of his speech, he challenged all of us when we graduated to get involved in the community in some way,” Hernandez said.
Hernandez said the event started in 2002.

Following the event, people can join a seven-week study circle where they will get a chance to discuss more in-depth topics.