Evacuation orders announced late Sunday for residents in Hurricane Dorian's path

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Over 1 million residents of the east coast will be required to leave their homes Labor Day as Hurricane Dorian moves towards the coast.

Devastating impacts are already being felt in the Bahamas, where the Category 5 Hurricane is ravaging the island nation.

According to NBC News, "South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster acknowledged the difficulty in moving so many people out of the area at one time, but said he couldn't risk undertaking the evacuations in stages. The state Public Safety and Transportation departments said they would reverse the direction of traffic along evacuation routes to ease the flow."

Hurricane Dorian has already exceeded previous forecast expectations, developing quickly into a Category 5 with sustained winds in excess of 165mph Monday. Making a drastic right-hand turn, the storm is now moving away from the Floridian coast, changing course for the Carolinas.

In Michiana, little to no impact will be felt as Dorian eventually tracks northward along the east coast.