Elkhart man designs Garth Brooks' custom guitar for ND Stadium concert

Published: Oct. 21, 2018 at 6:19 PM EDT
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Saturday night Garth Brooks played a custom guitar designed right here in Michiana.

The man behind it all is Perry Germann. He's been making guitars from scratch for more than 20 years at Germann Guitars in Elkhart.

“They rock," Germann said. "These guitars are awesome playing, the people that own them can’t believe that they play that good.”

Maria Catanzarite introduced us to Germann three years ago when Notre Dame picked him to create two bass guitars for the marching and jazz bands.

"They found they were looking for a certain instrument and I was the only one that could come up with that so far without going to other companies that didn't want to do one-offs," Germann said.

He actually designed the guitar Garth Brooks used awhile back. It awaited its debut and finally saw the world Saturday night.

"It was pretty spectacular, emotional," Germann said. "To see somebody that unique that everybody loves him. He got to show off something that was very special that they gave him that was very special to them also."

Germann said the guitar took him six months to create.

"A lot goes into these guitars, because most people want them to be super-special," he said.

Some of those features include a 3D, 24-karat golden dome, actual parts of Notre Dame's golden dome in the design and a 150-year-old rosewood neck.

“[The wood] gives it an extra balance," Germann said. "It doesn’t need to shrink anymore. It’s exactly what it needs to be and the oil in it will keep it forever.”

Germann hopes it'll be a token of Notre Dame that Brooks can keep forever.

"This guitar shows how much Notre Dame meant to me and means to me, and how growing up around Notre Dame, you've got to be a fan and that’s just the way it is," he said. “I want to build the best guitar to make the best better. I know what it takes to build a quality instrument, and that’s what I do.”