Elkhart man accused of holding 4 people hostage for 5 days

Published: May. 4, 2017 at 12:25 PM EDT
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An Elkhart man was arrested for criminal confinement after allegedly holding four people in an apartment for five days.

Derrick Glass, 31, faces two counts of battery (causing injury) and four counts of criminal confinement.

On Tuesday night, a woman came to the lobby of the Elkhart Police Department and reported the crime.

She told police that she and three others were being held against their will in an apartment in the 400 block of West Franklin Street.

The woman said she was able to get away when Glass reportedly allowed her to leave the apartment to go to the store.

When police arrived, they saw Glass leaving the apartment. He was arrested, and police located the handgun that he had reportedly used.

The three women and one man say they were threatened with a handgun, and two of the women were battered, which included being hit with the gun.

One of the women refused treatment, but the other was hospitalized.

Elkhart Police Sgt. Chris Snyder revealed that the male victim is 68 years old, and the female victims are 64, 26, and 21. He said that they were held against their will but were not "tied up or restricted."