Elkhart clothing pantry in need of donations to be able to continue mission

Published: May. 5, 2019 at 10:23 PM EDT
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A clothing pantry in Elkhart is fighting to keep its doors open and held a garage sale to raise money on Sunday.

The Shepherd's Cove is a place where anyone can shop for free clothing, furniture, and other goods.

“We moved, we added a fourth child to our house, so expenses, expenses,” said Joanna Pierce, a client of Shepherd’s Cove. “A place like this has just blessed us with being able to get the clothes that we need to put on our kids' backs.”

“The Lord called us to do this and…what would you do if your neighbor was hungry and naked?” said Sharlee Morain, executive director of Shepherd’s Cove. “This is what we would do, we would clothe them.”

The Shepherd's Cove helps about 400 families a month; but now, the nonprofit is in need of help as well.

“We knew when we got the building that the roof needed to be replaced, but they said we had about five years. Within two years, it was raining inside,” explained Morain.

Their building was donated to them, but it was badly in need of a new roof and so a loan was taken out to pay for it.

The building was put up for collateral and could be taken away if the last $50,000 of the loan aren't paid off by the end of the year.

“It means the world to be able to have my son come in and see the thrill he gets from picking toys,” said Pierce. “This is a beautiful place and I'd hate to see it go down the drain because they can't afford their bills. So, anything anybody can do to help bless this place, it is an awesome place.”

There will be a Hacienda Gives Back Fiesta night this Tuesday, May 7 at the Elkhart Hacienda.

You can also donate money at Shepherd's Cove. They're open Friday and Saturdays from noon to 1:30 p.m.