Elkhart Memorial Alumni gather before upcoming school merge

Published: Jun. 27, 2020 at 9:04 PM EDT
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Elkhart Memorial High School alumni gathered for a photo shoot Saturday, before the school merges with Elkhart Central High School come August.

When the two schools merge, it will become Elkhart High School.

After the photo shoot, some alumni shared how much they appreciated their experience at Memorial.

"Being able to go through those doors and know that I had teachers that cared; that cared about their students. You actually felt like you were being listened to when you came to Memorial and that was important growing up," said Lindsay Bieber, Class of 2001.

Alumni also said they loved being a Charger.

"Like you could hate coming to school, but if anybody said anything bad about Memorial, you were ready to fight them," said Alexis Griman, Class of 2019.

"So I kind of got everybody together with this being the last year to see how many people we could get from 72' all the way to 20 because no matter if high school was your best or worst years, you still walked out of this building with charger pride," Bieber said.

Some said they are not happy about the change.

"It was disheartening, it really was. I understand the need for the change, but it's 50 years of history almost," Bieber said.

"That dignity of being on one side of the town compared to the other, and now everybody is just merged together," Griman said.

No matter the future, alumni said they will never forget where they came from, and the experiences they had that shaped who they are today.

"Things are going forward that none of us know what the outcome is going to be, but we do know what's been behind us, and that's being a charger," Bieber said.

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