Name, mascot and colors revealed for Elkhart's unified high school

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Elkhart's merged high school now has a new name, colors and face.

There were over 800 possibilities, but students got the chance to vote on five options in each category.

The clock ticked slowly as the people of Elkhart waited to finally hear the name of their united high school.

The name? Elkhart High School.

The colors? Royal blue and gold.

And the mascot? The Mangy Lions...or at least, that's what it would have been until the board tweaked the mascot.

"The Lions. Not the Mangy Lions," Adhoc Naming Committee Chairman James Rieckhoff said.

The board decided to drop the word 'mangy' because the mangy lions trophy represented a rivalry between Elkhart Memorial and Elkhart Central.

But now that both of those schools are moving into the old Elkhart Memorial High School building, that rivalry is done and they need to focus more on unity.

Also, mangy just doesn't sound good.

"The image that we wanted to develop for the school system, we didn't feel that that word was something that we wanted in there," Board of Trustees Member Glenn Duncan said.

Initially the decision was met with shock, but after some talk, many agreed mangy was better off in the past.

"I have a feeling that the kids will sneak mangy in there somehow with the mascot or something," Parent and Teacher Erin Hartman said. "But to be our name as the Mangy Lions, I don't want to have mange. So I'm glad it's just the lions."

Now, you won't be seeing the Elkhart Lions until the year 2020, but as we get closer to that day, we'll keep you updated with everything that happens with the merger between Elkhart Central and Elkhart Memorial.